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Terms and conditions


Thank you for choosing to use mywalldecorator.com (“the Service”). In these terms and conditions (“the Terms”) the legal obligations and rights that a user (“the User”) of the Service undertakes and commits to. These terms and conditions regulate all measures that Empiriska AB (the Company) can take to that extent the User does not comply the obligations that they undertakes by the usage of the Service. Your rights in relation to collection of usage information for the Service's function you will find in our Privacy policy and Cookie policy.

Approval of terms and conditions for usage

During the entire extent of your usage it is important that you understand the rights and obligations that regulates your usage, since you by using the Service consent to the Terms and the content of this agreement.

Usage of personal data

The Company uses Google Analytics to track the usage of the Website. For more information, see our Privacy policy and Cookie policy.

Usage of the Service

The usage of the Service is intended to only be used in conjunction with obtaining instructions in conjunction with the placement of frames (“the Gallery Wall”). The Service supplies the User with a platform for easily creating the Gallery Wall with the patterns, dimensions etc. that are requested by the User.

With the usage of the Service is also meant the usage that is done in conjunction with the Service, which includes, but is not limited to, printing the Gallery Wall, opening the Gallery Wall through an application outside of the Website or to use instructions from the Website for physically mounting the Gallery Wall.

The Service does not require payment from the User for being used. The Company is not responsible for any fees set up by third party in conjunction with the usage of the network connection that is required to use the Website.

Obligation not to take action for the purpose of compromising the content of the Service or its intended use

By using the Service you commit to not take any action which aims to impair the Service's security integrity. This includes attempts to convert, distort or access content beyond the content that the Company has intended the User should be able to access through the usage of the Service. Any form of misuse in these regards entails that the Company has the right to claim compensation for any damage that arises from the procedure. Damage may in this respect consist of the Company, because of the abuse of the User, not being entitled to cooperations with a party that, if the abuse had not been undertaken, would have come into being.

Content of the Service

The content of the Service is meant for the purpose that is clarified under the section “Usage of the service”. Content that is otherwise published by the Company should be considered to fall into the frame of this content. The content is designed by the Company and in addition connected service providers and partners of the Company. The User undertakes not to take any action for the purpose of extracting (from the Service export) the material contained in the Service in the form of logos, marketing materials and similar content. If content or material belonging to third parties is further found in the Service, the User undertakes not to extract this in the same way as the Company's material.

Change of contract content

Empiriska AB reserves the right to make changes to these terms. Each time you use the Service, you agree to abide by the applicable terms.

Contract period and termination

The content of the agreement and the bond between the Company and the User remains for the period of time that the User uses the Service in such use of the Service as found under "Usage of the Service".

Delete collected data

If the User wishes to request deletion of the collected data stored as a result of the usage, this must be notified to the Company. Notice of such request shall be given using the contact information found at the bottom of this agreement.


You can use your own images on the Website.

Images used by you will, subject to the limitations set forth in these terms and conditions, be available to you on the Website as long as relevant cookies are stored. The images are thus not uploaded to the Website, but are stored only in your browser.

By using your own images, you are responsible for ensuring that you have obtained the necessary consent from relevant third parties and that using these images does not infringe on the rights of any third party. By using images, you are also responsible for ensuring that these do not violate the law or what can generally be perceived as offensive material, and that these cannot be perceived to be of such a nature that they can damage the company's trademark. Should you use an image that causes liability to be directed against the Company, you as the user must alone take on all litigation and liability.

You can share your Gallery Walls with others by granting them access to them. You can do this by using the share feature on the Website. This generates a link through which others can access your Gallery Wall. However, your own images will not be displayed when accessing via the link. By granting others access to your Gallery Wall on this website, you understand that you are responsible for damages and costs that you as a User, the Company or others incur due to the use of the person who has been granted access to the Website. The User is responsible for ensuring that information about the terms and conditions of this Website reaches the person who has been granted access to the Website.

The company takes no responsibility for material stored in your browser when using the Service. You are not entitled to compensation if material stored in your browser is lost or damaged.


The Service cannot guarantee that the execution of the Gallery Wall displayed on the Website accurately reproduces the execution related to the instructions. How the execution is reproduced depends, among other things, on settings on your computer. Nor can the Service guarantee that the execution reproduced on the Website or in the instructions accurately reproduces the result obtained by setting up the Gallery Wall. The Service also does not guarantee that the general suggestions and other inspiration published on the Website will produce the result that is referred to by using these suggestions and other inspiration in reality.

The Company does not guarantee that the Service correctly reflects reality and disclaims all responsibility for any problems or inaccuracies that arise in connection with the use of the Service. The User uses the Service at their own risk and no content in the Service shall be construed as recommendations or advice.

Third Party Rights

The provision of the Service takes place through Google APIs. The Company is not responsible for any rights that are agreed to in connection with the provision of the Service through these service providers.

Complete agreement

The content of this agreement, entitled Terms and conditions, is a complete regulation of the rights and obligations that constitute the agreement between the User and the Company. No oral agreements take precedence in relation to this content, and any change in the content shall be communicated to the User in the manner stipulated under the heading "Change of contract content".


The Company owns the right to transfer the Service and other activities to third parties. Upon transfer, it follows that the User is bound by the agreement with the new owner in the same way as if the Company remained the owner.


The user is informed in accordance to the Swedish law (2003:389) about electronic communication that the Website uses so called cookies. Cookies are used in a number of functions that are intended to make it easier for the User to use the Service. The cookie cannot identify the User personally, but only the browser installed on the computer used during the visit. If the User does not accept the use of cookies, they can configure their browser to not accept this (see our Cookie policy) or choose not to use the Website.

Read more about how we use cookies in our Cookie policy.

Claims for compensation as a result of the User's misuse of the Service

If the User takes such action as is stipulated under the heading "Obligation not to take action for the purpose of compromising the content of the Service or its intended use" or similar action aimed at impairing the functioning of the Service or otherwise intended to harm the Company as an organization, the Company has the right to claim compensation up to the amount that compensates for the damage that has occurred. The same applies if the User has extracted the content of the Service or taken any action in relation to the Service that aims to reduce or prevent the operation of the Service.


Any dispute regarding the content of this agreement shall be decided by the Stockholm District Court as the first instance.

Contact Us

For any questions regarding the content of this agreement, see the heading "Contact information".

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